“He is Lord!”

The Last two Sunday nights I have been part of fellowship and study meetings attended by mostly people in their twenties and thirties.
In fact, in a meeting of more than thirty people, only two or three of us are over fifty. I hear young, committed Christians talk about the
life battles they are facing as they live in the world as it now is. I have come to a strange and wonderful truth- I am walking in this same
world, living in a sense of real victory!
In light of what i have had to face and deal with in the last five years, this is, on the surface, a ridiculous statement. In 2010 I spent 33
days in the hospital and almost died. It surprised even doctors and nurses the I survived. My body was dealing with total kidney failure
and congestive heart failure. What followed was two very difficult years in dialysis. At the end of that I received a transplanted kidney
from my son. As I healed from all of that, I had to deal with a knee replacement surgery last July, with the other knee to be done in
just over a month. In the meantime, living with disability has left us counting the pennies.
But as I look back on all of this, Yet I say with assurance- God has our back and the sense of victory is very real! For you see, the Bible
says ” We walk by faith, and not by sight!’ Indeed, In all these things, “we are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us and
gives us the victory!” I refuse let the fight bring me into depression and fear! I have learned so much and gone so much deeper into His
love during this time! We have prevailed only because God has been with us empowering us to stand strong through all of these battles.
I love Him and praise Him greatly, even as I watch Him continually win the victory over all my enemies!
So I say to you who are In the battle of your life, God is working both in you and for you! He will not let you be destroyed, but will bring
you through victory after victory. You do not need to fear and weep. Put all your trust in Him, and believe the Bible when it promises you
the victory over all that opposes you. Is He your faithful and victorious Father? When the Word says” trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not unto your own understanding” it really means it! I can honesty say I am happier and at peace more now than when I was
younger and healthier, and was walking in such powerful times of preaching and prophesying!  In many ways, these really are the best
days of our lives.
We have a knee replacement surgery date of April sixth. I am in quite a bit of pain right now as I wait this out. Yet I am looking forward to
what this means. I will be able to get out and do so much more than I can do now. I plan to return to some limited travel, and will be able
to see many of you and minister to you again. It has been almost five years since we were able to travel. What a delight the prospect of
all of this is to me. Praise the Lord!
So you need to be praying for us at this time. Sue and I need you to pray and intercede that we will be touched in our bodies and that
our expenses will be met through the provision God will provide through you. We love you so very much and really are thankful to have
all of you in our lives! A little later God spoke to me and said “Just a little while yet!” We have stood on that word and truly be that in a
few short months our lives will be very different. Thanks again dear precious friends for being there for us!
That His Name may be glorified in all the earth!
Mike and Sue Boland


Surgery Awaits

Hello Dear Friends,

“Spend time in the Word of God! You will find out what the questions really are. And then you will find the answers. They are all in the Book!!”
I posted this on our Mike Boland Ministries Facebook page yesterday. Yes I am personally responsible for the quote. It is not a re-quote from someone else. Some years ago in ministering prophetically to someone God said to them “The reason it is hard for you to get the answers you are seeking, is that you are still trying to understand what the questions really are.” There are great questions most people ask sooner or later. There are so many personal questions we are all filled with that we ask year after year. I am not referring to questions that merely give us info! I am talking about things we need to know about life, about God, about relationships, and about how to handle and deal with the difficult things we deal with over and over. Where is God , and what is He saying!
And I really believe the answers are in the Bible. But we will not find them without God’s direct help.We need to pray for revelation and learn to be transparent and totally honest with Him. You see, everything we need to know to experience the fullness of God is in the Book! He wants us to know and experience all these things, If it is true that ” in Him we live, and move and have our being (Acts 17:28)”  the He is very much going to help us understand the Bible and uncover all of its great truth. So spend time in the Word seeking Him continually! As we begin to hear His voice from the Bible,we will be transformed, we will find the answers we are looking for, We will grow in so many ways!!!
Tomorrow (July 24) I enter the hospital for knee replacement on my left knee. In three months I will have the right knee replaced also. I have great expectation of success and believe God is with me in this. this is going to make movement and just getting around so much better. The x-rays show bone on bone and the lack of movement and the pain have really become to much.
Hopefully by mid-winter I will be able to get much more involved in the life I live and the ministry I have been involved in for almost fifty years now. We are going to need your prayers and financial support during this time. Thank you for standing with us. It means so much!
Be sure and check out the new website at www.mikeboland.com that Josh Garner (our grandson) has worked on so diligently for over a month, Also get involved in our ministry facebook page under the name Mike Boland Ministries.We are doing what we can to reach out via the internet.
Finally, be in prayer for Sue and me, Our health continues to be an ongoing issue, Of course finances are never easy either. We stand with faith in our great God, but we truly need you to stand with us and we need to hear from you!.       .
In His amazing Love!!
Mike and Sue Boland
Call us at 719-548-0828 (home) or 719-287-5852 (cell Mike)
Or email me at mike@mikeboland.com


I Wanted To Die!

In October 2010 I was in the hospital in ICU for many days- close to death for many days. I was very sick, in great suffering, and believing I would not live. For a while I resigned myself to death. Many were praying for me. Then letters, cards, emails, and calls began to come in encouraging me to fight for life. Prophecies declared I would live and not die. Many prophesied my work for God was not completed.

So I began to come back from the dead! My daughter reminded me of the great importance for my life as it relates to family, especially the grandchildren. I began to consider how the ministry could be continued and changed as my situation was so different now. Even with the reality of dialysis and the possibility of a kidney transplant, continuing to live did not seem impossible. And as the dear intercessors cried out to God for my healing, my faith began to grow and I know God can get me through these days of great challenges.

I see three things that life and living depend on:

1.  The wonder of relationships- God, family, friends and all those I love and want to   spend time with. I have come to believe if I take the initiative in pursuing  these relationships they will become health, strong, and enduring. My life will be greatly enriched and I will enrich the lives of others!

2. The High calling and the need to complete it. How can we think of leaving this world when our work here is not done? This work, this calling, and the wonderful joys it brings to our lives and existence truly help us to live and prosper emotionally. Just to be able to work for Him and our loved ones happiness and well being is so rewarding.

3. And then the quality of life is so very important. If we are constantly sick and depressed life surely loses all meaning! We must live,  experience life, and all it has for us if we want to be balanced and fulfilled in this world. You need to go to work on that “bucket list” now and not wait until you are to sick and close to death to get it all done. Live- play, pursue your hobbies, and all you want to do but have no had the courage to go forward into these things.

Living in one or two of these realities is not enough! make time for all three, and pursue them all with enthusiasm and persistence. You have much life yet to live. I insist you start on it today!

In The Hospital 1

When I was in the hospital for 33 days, somewhere early in the experience, I had a dream. The night (or day) this dream came, I woke up out of the coma I was in, in an ICU room and was totally disoriented. A young man in scrubs was in the room. So I asked him where I was and why I was there. He smiled at me and walked out of the room. I wanted to scream but what actually happened was I fell back into the coma for several more days.

It was at that point this dream came. In the dream, I was walking in beautiful green countryside and came upon a very dilapidated mobile home. I went inside into a living room , very tired,  looking for a place to lie down. I found a fold-out couch bed and laid down on a worn, very dirty mattress. The only pillow on it had straps on each side. These straps turned out to work like chinese handcuffs. Soon both of my hands were trapped. About that time the man I had seen in my hospital room came into where I lay all tied up in the old pillow. I asked him to help me get loose. He looked at me and said ” no, the reason you are going through this is so you may learn restraint and submission.” There the dream ended.

Later, out of the coma and coming back from death’s door, as I began to regain my health, I asked the Lord what this dream may have meant. This is what I heard in my spirit. “Mike, how many people have you known, who leave there house at 7:00 am only to drive across town, park in a lot, walk half a mile into a building, and work in the semi-darkness for 40 years, until they are old and can live out there days in some kind of retirement?”

My answer? Many Lord- yes people who got married, raised children, paid the mortgage, and put food on the table. Working men and women, people I had spent my life pastoring and ministering to. So I again asked Him, “but why do  I need to learn this lesson? I have also worked hard, even as these have?” “No, Mike,” he said “you lived these 40 years in a world where however hard you may have worked, most of the time you were free from the restraint these people lived under every day. Yes you worked hard ministering to the people, but you didn’t know the pressure daily schedules create for people. You were led by My Spirit, but if you wanted time off, you often had no one to seek permission from but Me.”

So now I go to dialysis 3 times a week for 5 hours or more. That’s the first thing on my agenda on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays. 11:00 am until 4:00 pm! and yes I am beginning to understand and learn. Until God manifest a healing in my kidneys, my life depends on this. Restraint? Submission? Yes, I am finally learning life lessons my calling and the way my calling was conducted never afforded me. I hope I will be a better man and servant of God because of it!!

Jubilant Praise

As I sat in church today and observed what was going on around me, I was blessed by the open and joyous expressions of praise I saw. Of course some were much more restrained in their expression than others, which doesn’t mean they don’t love God as much as those whose hands were raised and sang joyfully to their God. But I was especially moved by those whose expression of praise was open and jubilant.

Two things come to mind. First, these people appear to be involved in a great pursuit of God that consumes their lives so that even their praise becomes part of that pursuit. Secondly, and most important, it is obvious they love God with a love that causes them to not be ashamed to praise Him.

The Bible says that men everywhere ought to praise the Lord. But some people truly praise Him while others do not. It may seem some people have more to praise about than others, but I think this has little do with it. My precious wife who sat beside me today was praising God as openly and joyfully as those around us, yet has for many years lived in pain. I personally believe that those who truly enter into praise have a joy based on their faith in God and in all the promises of the Bible.

So praise Him and seek Him. Learn the joy that comes from this pursuit. Remember that He loves you and wants you to live in the kind of walk with Him that comes out of your desire to please Him and to walk in all His ways. If you are living this way your life of victory will not be controlled by how you feel, but by your determination to follow Him and to obey Him. Give Him glory and praise. He deserves all the glory and praise!

How Big Is Too Big?

During over 40 years of ministry I have both ministered to and attended churches off all sizes. In the process of planting and pastoring churches we have seen churches grow from 7 to 70, and 20 to 120. We have seen churches go through periods of growth numerically as well as spiritually, not necessarily at the same time. We have seen churches live and thrive. We have seen churches die!

So what is a good church? What has its size got to do with whether or not it is the church you should attend and work in? Size is neither good nor bad. In this season of life we have been told “big is better”. Do you go to the small “mom and pop” store or to Wal-mart? Do you live in a small town or in a large city?

Your choices reflect both your needs and your desires.  Do you need the intimacy of a smaller congregation or the  many choices a larger congregation offers? You see smaller churches and larger churches both have their strengths and their weaknesses. Building relationships and friendships may seem easier in a small church, but if you get involved in some area of service or attend small groups in a large church you can accomplish the same thing. People who do well in a small church may see a large church as merely being a place to get “lost in the crowd” while someone who attends a large church may see a small church as just having too many limitations.

You should go to a church that works for you. But if you are there simply because you like the size of the church, you may be wrongly motivated. You should be in the church God wants you in.  You can do what you want or you can be obedient to the voice of The Holy Spirit. Be faithful to seek God about staying or leaving. It may be the unrest you feel has to do with change God is working in you, and it may have nothing to do with the church family you are in!

So it might or might not be time for a change of churches. These kinds of changes require much careful consideration and especially much prayer. Maybe you should “bloom where you are planted “, whether it is large or small. The most important  thing is to be in the will of the Father, wherever you are attending church!

My name is Pop Pop

When my grandson Josh was two years old he named me “pop pop”.  We had decided to be papa and mama but Josh thought differently. Thus I received a name that has affected my identity significantly. I love being called pop pop. Being a grandparent has become one of my life assignments that means very much to me. It is truly a gift from God and surely a calling. I love my grand kids and I love being their Grandpa.

The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is very special and important. I remember my own grandfather with great fondness and his effect on my life has greatly affected who I am in so many ways.  Thus I take the role I have in the lives of Josh and Abby very seriously. They mean so much to Sue and I. We are so blessed to be able to be there for both of them and to interact with them on a regular basis. They live close by so we get to be with them several times a week.

I believe the reality and power of the extended family is very much in the plan of God for all of us. I am a son, a father and a Grandfather. all those roles do much to define my life and the lives of my children and my grandchildren. Wherever we are in life, single or married, no other reality than our family has affected us more. So I say to my children and my grandchildren: You will never know how much I love you and esteem you. Thank you for being in my life!!!

Sounds Of Heaven

During a worship service in July of 2008 I heard these words about the sounds of Heaven “It is different than here in this world. When God speaks everyone will hear it clearly no matter where they are in Heaven. The sound will be controlled by how loud or quietly He speaks, not by how far away from Him you are. We will not just hear a sound but will Know what has been said. we will understand what we are hearing! There will be the speaking of words. When the instruments play we will know what they are declaring. We will know what the birds are singing. Even the wind will talk to us.  There will be no resistance to sound, so we will hear without confusion or difficulty.  We will hear the quietest whisper clearly, and the greatest shout will not hurt our ears.  Many voices will speak at the same time, yet they will not overlap. A thousand words will be spoken at the same time,  yet we will hear and understand each one. We will never again ask “what does this mean?””