Sounds Of Heaven

During a worship service in July of 2008 I heard these words about the sounds of Heaven “It is different than here in this world. When God speaks everyone will hear it clearly no matter where they are in Heaven. The sound will be controlled by how loud or quietly He speaks, not by how far away from Him you are. We will not just hear a sound but will Know what has been said. we will understand what we are hearing! There will be the speaking of words. When the instruments play we will know what they are declaring. We will know what the birds are singing. Even the wind will talk to us.  There will be no resistance to sound, so we will hear without confusion or difficulty.  We will hear the quietest whisper clearly, and the greatest shout will not hurt our ears.  Many voices will speak at the same time, yet they will not overlap. A thousand words will be spoken at the same time,  yet we will hear and understand each one. We will never again ask “what does this mean?””