How Big Is Too Big?

During over 40 years of ministry I have both ministered to and attended churches off all sizes. In the process of planting and pastoring churches we have seen churches grow from 7 to 70, and 20 to 120. We have seen churches go through periods of growth numerically as well as spiritually, not necessarily at the same time. We have seen churches live and thrive. We have seen churches die!

So what is a good church? What has its size got to do with whether or not it is the church you should attend and work in? Size is neither good nor bad. In this season of life we have been told “big is better”. Do you go to the small “mom and pop” store or to Wal-mart? Do you live in a small town or in a large city?

Your choices reflect both your needs and your desires.  Do you need the intimacy of a smaller congregation or the  many choices a larger congregation offers? You see smaller churches and larger churches both have their strengths and their weaknesses. Building relationships and friendships may seem easier in a small church, but if you get involved in some area of service or attend small groups in a large church you can accomplish the same thing. People who do well in a small church may see a large church as merely being a place to get “lost in the crowd” while someone who attends a large church may see a small church as just having too many limitations.

You should go to a church that works for you. But if you are there simply because you like the size of the church, you may be wrongly motivated. You should be in the church God wants you in.  You can do what you want or you can be obedient to the voice of The Holy Spirit. Be faithful to seek God about staying or leaving. It may be the unrest you feel has to do with change God is working in you, and it may have nothing to do with the church family you are in!

So it might or might not be time for a change of churches. These kinds of changes require much careful consideration and especially much prayer. Maybe you should “bloom where you are planted “, whether it is large or small. The most important  thing is to be in the will of the Father, wherever you are attending church!

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