Jubilant Praise

As I sat in church today and observed what was going on around me, I was blessed by the open and joyous expressions of praise I saw. Of course some were much more restrained in their expression than others, which doesn’t mean they don’t love God as much as those whose hands were raised and sang joyfully to their God. But I was especially moved by those whose expression of praise was open and jubilant.

Two things come to mind. First, these people appear to be involved in a great pursuit of God that consumes their lives so that even their praise becomes part of that pursuit. Secondly, and most important, it is obvious they love God with a love that causes them to not be ashamed to praise Him.

The Bible says that men everywhere ought to praise the Lord. But some people truly praise Him while others do not. It may seem some people have more to praise about than others, but I think this has little do with it. My precious wife who sat beside me today was praising God as openly and joyfully as those around us, yet has for many years lived in pain. I personally believe that those who truly enter into praise have a joy based on their faith in God and in all the promises of the Bible.

So praise Him and seek Him. Learn the joy that comes from this pursuit. Remember that He loves you and wants you to live in the kind of walk with Him that comes out of your desire to please Him and to walk in all His ways. If you are living this way your life of victory will not be controlled by how you feel, but by your determination to follow Him and to obey Him. Give Him glory and praise. He deserves all the glory and praise!

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