I Wanted To Die!

In October 2010 I was in the hospital in ICU for many days- close to death for many days. I was very sick, in great suffering, and believing I would not live. For a while I resigned myself to death. Many were praying for me. Then letters, cards, emails, and calls began to come in encouraging me to fight for life. Prophecies declared I would live and not die. Many prophesied my work for God was not completed.

So I began to come back from the dead! My daughter reminded me of the great importance for my life as it relates to family, especially the grandchildren. I began to consider how the ministry could be continued and changed as my situation was so different now. Even with the reality of dialysis and the possibility of a kidney transplant, continuing to live did not seem impossible. And as the dear intercessors cried out to God for my healing, my faith began to grow and I know God can get me through these days of great challenges.

I see three things that life and living depend on:

1.  The wonder of relationships- God, family, friends and all those I love and want to   spend time with. I have come to believe if I take the initiative in pursuing  these relationships they will become health, strong, and enduring. My life will be greatly enriched and I will enrich the lives of others!

2. The High calling and the need to complete it. How can we think of leaving this world when our work here is not done? This work, this calling, and the wonderful joys it brings to our lives and existence truly help us to live and prosper emotionally. Just to be able to work for Him and our loved ones happiness and well being is so rewarding.

3. And then the quality of life is so very important. If we are constantly sick and depressed life surely loses all meaning! We must live,  experience life, and all it has for us if we want to be balanced and fulfilled in this world. You need to go to work on that “bucket list” now and not wait until you are to sick and close to death to get it all done. Live- play, pursue your hobbies, and all you want to do but have no had the courage to go forward into these things.

Living in one or two of these realities is not enough! make time for all three, and pursue them all with enthusiasm and persistence. You have much life yet to live. I insist you start on it today!