Surgery Awaits

Hello Dear Friends,

“Spend time in the Word of God! You will find out what the questions really are. And then you will find the answers. They are all in the Book!!”
I posted this on our Mike Boland Ministries Facebook page yesterday. Yes I am personally responsible for the quote. It is not a re-quote from someone else. Some years ago in ministering prophetically to someone God said to them “The reason it is hard for you to get the answers you are seeking, is that you are still trying to understand what the questions really are.” There are great questions most people ask sooner or later. There are so many personal questions we are all filled with that we ask year after year. I am not referring to questions that merely give us info! I am talking about things we need to know about life, about God, about relationships, and about how to handle and deal with the difficult things we deal with over and over. Where is God , and what is He saying!
And I really believe the answers are in the Bible. But we will not find them without God’s direct help.We need to pray for revelation and learn to be transparent and totally honest with Him. You see, everything we need to know to experience the fullness of God is in the Book! He wants us to know and experience all these things, If it is true that ” in Him we live, and move and have our being (Acts 17:28)”  the He is very much going to help us understand the Bible and uncover all of its great truth. So spend time in the Word seeking Him continually! As we begin to hear His voice from the Bible,we will be transformed, we will find the answers we are looking for, We will grow in so many ways!!!
Tomorrow (July 24) I enter the hospital for knee replacement on my left knee. In three months I will have the right knee replaced also. I have great expectation of success and believe God is with me in this. this is going to make movement and just getting around so much better. The x-rays show bone on bone and the lack of movement and the pain have really become to much.
Hopefully by mid-winter I will be able to get much more involved in the life I live and the ministry I have been involved in for almost fifty years now. We are going to need your prayers and financial support during this time. Thank you for standing with us. It means so much!
Be sure and check out the new website at that Josh Garner (our grandson) has worked on so diligently for over a month, Also get involved in our ministry facebook page under the name Mike Boland Ministries.We are doing what we can to reach out via the internet.
Finally, be in prayer for Sue and me, Our health continues to be an ongoing issue, Of course finances are never easy either. We stand with faith in our great God, but we truly need you to stand with us and we need to hear from you!.       .
In His amazing Love!!
Mike and Sue Boland
Call us at 719-548-0828 (home) or 719-287-5852 (cell Mike)
Or email me at


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