“He is Lord!”

The Last two Sunday nights I have been part of fellowship and study meetings attended by mostly people in their twenties and thirties.
In fact, in a meeting of more than thirty people, only two or three of us are over fifty. I hear young, committed Christians talk about the
life battles they are facing as they live in the world as it now is. I have come to a strange and wonderful truth- I am walking in this same
world, living in a sense of real victory!
In light of what i have had to face and deal with in the last five years, this is, on the surface, a ridiculous statement. In 2010 I spent 33
days in the hospital and almost died. It surprised even doctors and nurses the I survived. My body was dealing with total kidney failure
and congestive heart failure. What followed was two very difficult years in dialysis. At the end of that I received a transplanted kidney
from my son. As I healed from all of that, I had to deal with a knee replacement surgery last July, with the other knee to be done in
just over a month. In the meantime, living with disability has left us counting the pennies.
But as I look back on all of this, Yet I say with assurance- God has our back and the sense of victory is very real! For you see, the Bible
says ” We walk by faith, and not by sight!’ Indeed, In all these things, “we are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us and
gives us the victory!” I refuse let the fight bring me into depression and fear! I have learned so much and gone so much deeper into His
love during this time! We have prevailed only because God has been with us empowering us to stand strong through all of these battles.
I love Him and praise Him greatly, even as I watch Him continually win the victory over all my enemies!
So I say to you who are In the battle of your life, God is working both in you and for you! He will not let you be destroyed, but will bring
you through victory after victory. You do not need to fear and weep. Put all your trust in Him, and believe the Bible when it promises you
the victory over all that opposes you. Is He your faithful and victorious Father? When the Word says” trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not unto your own understanding” it really means it! I can honesty say I am happier and at peace more now than when I was
younger and healthier, and was walking in such powerful times of preaching and prophesying!  In many ways, these really are the best
days of our lives.
We have a knee replacement surgery date of April sixth. I am in quite a bit of pain right now as I wait this out. Yet I am looking forward to
what this means. I will be able to get out and do so much more than I can do now. I plan to return to some limited travel, and will be able
to see many of you and minister to you again. It has been almost five years since we were able to travel. What a delight the prospect of
all of this is to me. Praise the Lord!
So you need to be praying for us at this time. Sue and I need you to pray and intercede that we will be touched in our bodies and that
our expenses will be met through the provision God will provide through you. We love you so very much and really are thankful to have
all of you in our lives! A little later God spoke to me and said “Just a little while yet!” We have stood on that word and truly be that in a
few short months our lives will be very different. Thanks again dear precious friends for being there for us!
That His Name may be glorified in all the earth!
Mike and Sue Boland